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One thing is for certain, we aren't sure who has more fun - the girls or the volunteers! 
Here are just a few familiar faces you'll find year after year at Auburn Wilderness.

Day Camp Director Position Description

The Day Camp Director’s role is to oversee the development and implementation of a volunteer-run day camp program that is consistent with the Girl Scout Mission, Program Goals, Promise, Law, and all Girl Scouts of the USA and Girl Scouts of Western Washington policies and health and safety standards.

Service Commitment: The Girl Scouts of Western Washington Manager of Volunteer Led Camp will appoint the Day Camp Director for a one year (renewable) term in which they can expect to provide a minimum of 70 hours of service, depending on the needs of the day camp. The service hours will be spread out over a planning and preparation period leading up to the opening of day camp in addition to the expectation that the Director be present for the duration of the camp.


  • Ability and willingness to promote the Girl Scout program

  • Conscientious effort toward meeting the responsibilities of the position

  • Experience planning and implementing outdoor living and activity events

  • Good organization and communication skills

  • Ability to effectively manage a team of volunteers


Supervision and Support: The Day Camp Director is supported by and accountable to the Manager of Volunteer Led Camp and Girl Scouts of Western Washington.


  • Design and lead a quality day camp program for all campers that reflects the Girl Scout Leadership 

  • Experience program design elements.

  • Attend or have a record of attending the following workshops: Event Director, New Day Camp Director and Day Camp Leadership Retreat.

  • Become/remain familiar with current Girl Scout resources, especially those relating to outdoor program safety, policies and organizational standards.

  • Serve as part of the Leadership Team of the day camp, and attend all Leadership Team meetings.

  • Recruit, supervise and support a team of camp volunteers, assuring that they receive all orientation and support necessary for success in their position and safety of day camp participants.

  • Prepare the program site for campers and volunteers and follow all required guidelines if using a non-council owned site.

  • Establish and ensure implementation of procedures in all camp areas to promote safety for campers, volunteer staff, and the environment.

  • Work with assigned volunteers to administer the technical and business aspects of day camp operation.

  • Use skills of collaborative administration and supervision through all phases of planning, organizing, and directing day camp operation, delegating whenever possible.

  • Ensure that all applicable records are maintained, and reports turned in to the Manager of Volunteer Led Camp within given deadlines.

  • Represent day camp and Girl Scouts in a positive light to campers, volunteers, guests, and the community.

General Qualifications and Core Competencies:

  • Youth focus: Empower campers and teens to lead activities, learn by doing, and cooperate with others on current issues that involve their interests and needs, while having fun.

  • Personal integrity: Demonstrate dependability, honesty, and credibility.

  • Adaptability: Adjust, modify own behavior, and remain flexible and tolerant in response to changing situations and environments.

  • Oral communication: Express ideas and facts clearly and accurately.

  • Foster diversity: Understand, respect, and embrace differences.

  • Computer skills: Access to e-mail and the Internet


Additional requirements:
Must become a registered member of GSUSA and pass a Criminal Background Check
Agree to be guided in all actions by the Girl Scout Mission, Promise and Law, and to comply with the policies of Girl Scouts of Western Washington and GSUSA.

Let us know if you are considering volunteering at camp. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. Many of our volunteers are NOT Girl Scout leaders, all you need is the desire to have fun.  You need only register as a Girl Scout and complete a background check.  

As a volunteer at Day Camp, you will receive the training and support you need to have a successful camp experience. 

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